Make Innovation Real Beyond Technologies

People, Culture and Organisation

Misalignment of Corporate Characteristics

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Train, Retain and Acquire Talents

People is the most important corporate characteristics to make innovation real. Allocating resources to empower people’s knowledge, skillsets and the way they collaborate can make or break your organisation.

Training and retaining talents always take priority over hiring new ones. But technology advancement often outpace talent development, hiring external consultants can acquire new skillsets to take advantage of the latest technologies.

A Culture for Sustainable Innovation

While developing new talents is challenging, injecting new mindset within the organisation is more critical and time-consuming to drive innovation. Building a corporate culture that embraces innovation is the only way to sustain and succeed a transformation.

An organisation's previous success and experience can be a double-edged sword. These experiences could empower success, but may also weigh down and hold back the business from moving forward. Hitting refresh is sometimes necessary to make innovation real.

Design the Right Corporate Organisation

Building a supportive organisation structure is the last piece of the puzzle. After acquiring the right talents and establishing a corporate culture that encourages these talents to thrive, designing the right organisation is essential to speed up the process to make innovation real.

An organisation structure that aligns with the corporate culture and vision can drive ownership among leaders and allocate resources to bring successful innovation.